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Shoulder the Lion

74’, USA, 2015
Shoulder the Lion
Director: Patryk Rebisz, Erinnisse Rebisz
 Screenplay: Patryk Rebisz, Erinnisse Rebisz
 Cinematographer: Patryk Rebisz
Editor Erinnisse Rebisz
Producer: Erinnisse Rebiszc
Distribution/Sales: tupeloproductions@gmail.com
 "Pushing boundaries of the film medium," this visually-rich film essay explores meaning of images, fragility of memories and desire for relevance in today's world. Enter into the worlds of three artists who lost the very sense defining their art. A blind photographer questions the power of images in today's visually saturated culture. Forced to give up his dream of playing music due to his advancing hearing loss, a musician must reinvent his future. A painter who lost half her brain in a boxing match searches for her place in life unsure of what she should be to the world. The film attempts to ask what it takes for someone to keep on going in times of uncertainty, and uses unique form to produce the answers.
 Patryk Rebisz,
"Between You and Me"
"Shoulder the Lion" is his feature-length debut as a director and its cinematographer
 Erinnisse Rebisz,
“Madonna of the Mills,”
"Shoulder the Lion" is her debut feature film as a director
Festivals and Awards:
Krakow Film Festival 2015
FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) Award
 Hot Springs Doc Film Festival 2015
Best US Documentary
 Hot Docs 2015
Dublin International Film Festival 2015, 10 Best - Audience Award
Salem Film Fest 2015,Best Cinematography
Palm Spring International Film Festival 2015
Trenton Film Festival 2015,Best Film, Best Doc
DOK Leipzig 2015
DocuTIFF Tirana International Film Festival 2016
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