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Picturing War

60’, Germany, 2015
Picturing War
Director: Konstantin Flemig
Screenplay: Konstantin Flemig
Cinematographer: Peter Wedig
Editor: Anna Mentele
Producer: Mette Gunnar, Christian Cramer-Clausbruch
Distribution/Sales: Konstantin Flemig, flemig@gmail.com
 In a world of modern mass communication and a never ending stream of pictures, this question is more important than ever. Which conflict is worth reporting? Which war might interest the consumers of media outlets? And how do pictures travel from around the globe, from zones of conflict to the worldwide public?
These questions are the central message of „Picturing War“. From Syria and Iraq to Rwanda - the film follows a young man who has chosen to become a war photographer, and answers the question of how he finds the pictures we might see one day - or not - on the cover of a big newspaper.
2012 "Exit Exit Exit"
2016 "Picturing War
Festivals and Awards:
Story Code: 1814
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