Monday 31 October 2016 - 11:28


20', Palestine, 2014
Director: Sami Shehade
Screenplay: Sami Shehade
Cinematographer: Anders Lundme Funch
Editor: Anders Lundme Funch
Producer: Saba Shami
Distribution/Sales: Sami Shehade
Mohammed Al-Qutati, an accordion player. Left Gaza in 1995 to study music in the West Bank. Following the political unrest he wasn't able to go back. Mohammed hasn’t been able to see his family since then!
The film spots the light on Mohammed, and his family during the attack on Gaza in 2012.
This film is his first film.
Festivals and Awards:
Original Narrative Film Festival, 2015, Special Mention by the Jury
Al Jazeera International Film Festival, 2015, Al Jazeera Golden Priz
Story Code: 1811
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