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Above and Below

118', Switzerland/Germany, 2015
Above and Below
Director: Nicolas Steiner
Screenplay: Nicolas Steiner
Cinematographer: Markus Nestroy
Editor: Kaya Inan
Producer: Maximage
Distribution/Sales: Maximage,mgalluzzi@maximage.ch
Far, far away and out of sight, that’s where April, Dave, Cindy, Rick and the Godfather are creating life on their own terms. From the depths of the flood channels under Sin City, to a reclaimed military bunker in the middle of the dusty, heated Californian nowhere land, to beyond the stratosphere where Mars now lives on earth. Each individual has been flung into periling circumstances on this rollercoaster ride called life. Through the hustle, pain, and laughter, we are whisked away to an unfamiliar world where we discover its inhabitants to be souls not unlike our very own.
2015 Above And Below
2014 Eiskarl
2011 Kampf der Königinnen
2009 Blitz und Donner, Windgefauch
2009 Ich bin's Helmut
2008 Schwitze
2006 Meet Toni
2006 Snatch & Kittie – Love Is In The Air
Festivals and Awards:
Rotterdam Film Festival
34th Vancouver International Film Festival
68° Festival del film Locarno
50th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
22nd Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival Toronto
21e Visions du Réel Festival international de cinéma Nyon
12th Doc Against Gravity Film Festival
Story Code: 1055
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