Saturday 7 November 2015 - 17:21

Daybreak Express

5', USA, 1953
Daybreak Express
Director: D.A Pennebaker
Screenplay: D.A Pennebaker
Cinematographer: D.A Pennebaker
Editor: D.A Pennebaker
Producer: Pennebaker Hegedus Films
Distribution/Sales: Pennebaker Hegedus Films 
Short film about a New York express train inspired by Duke Ellington’s record Daybreak Express. A 5 minute masterpiece. “I wanted to make a film about this filthy, noisy train and its packed-in passengers that would look beautiful, like the New York City paintings of John Sloan, and I wanted it to go with one of my Duke Ellington records, Daybreak Express.
Story Code: 1046
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