Monday 2 November 2015 - 16:42

A Courtship

71', USA, 2015
A Courtship
Director: Amy Cohen
Screenplay: Amy Cohen
Cinematographer: Evan Eames
Editor: Jordan Montminy
Producer: Amy Kohn
Distribution/Sales: Taskovski Films,sales@taskovskifilms.com
Today’s singles are inundated with so many newfangled ways to meet mates: online sites, phone apps, speed dating, panels of experts on reality TV. But 33-year-old Kelly has chosen to put her faith in God and Christian Courtship, a practice whereby couples give over control of their dating lives to their families, and save even their first kiss for marriage. It’s a challenge for devout Kelly, since her own parents don’t agree with the plan, and she has already pursued conventional dating. Undeterred, she finds spiritual parents in Grand Rapids who agree to take her in and keep her as long as they need to, until they find her the perfect match. In her first feature, Amy Kohn tackles a sensitive subject and a deeply interesting personal story with openness and tact, creating a poignant portrait of a woman who, like everyone else, just wants to be loved.
Festivals and Awards:
Tribeca Film Festival 2014
Story Code: 1016
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